The least, the lost, the forgotten..

Matthew 25:40

Lord, show me how to love the least as deeply as I love you! Don’t let them be lost to me!

How do I treat and care for the perceived “least of these” of today? What thoughts do I secretly harbor when I see them?

Jesus said as I do to them, I do to him. Stop. Let that sink in for a moment. As I do to the least of these I do to Jesus. Again, what thoughts go through my head when I see the least of them? How do I care for them? Do I ignore them or do I pour myself out to them? Is this consistent with how I profess I love Jesus?

Do the least, the lost, forgotten hold the same place in my heart as Jesus? The sick, the blind, the lame, the orphaned, the outcast, the addicts, the homeless - they all belong to Jesus! Yes, just as much as I do! Love as He loves!

Lord, soften my heart to mush and rebuild it to mirror yours. Let my eyes be your eyes, my heart your heart, my hands your hands.